Independent of project size or scope, whether it be the construction of a new plant or the modernization and expansion of an existing plant, CONPANCOL has the capacity to offer its clients the following services:

  • Basic and detailed engineering for chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Technical consultations and assistance
  • Assembly and installation of machinery and equipment
  • Construction and assembly of equipment for industrial plants
  • In-shop manufacturing of chemical and petrochemical plant processing equipment
  • Coverings using refractory brick, insulation, and anti-acid coatings for equipment such as absorption and drying towers, furnaces, and pumping tanks in acid plants
  • Technical training on sulfuric plant operation

Post sales services for plants constructed by CONPANCOL:

  • Technical assistance for plant maintenance
  • Provision of spare parts and equipment, national or imported
  • Recommendations and technical assistance needed to improve the operation of constructed plants