For over 50 years, CONPANCOL has completed projects in the industry, including in-shop equipment manufacturing and construction, assembly, and operational start-up for industrial plants.

Our experience includes the engineering, equipment provision, and construction of Colombia’s four most important sulfuric acid plants for the companies:

  • Monómeros Colombo – Venezolanos
  • Ecopetrol
  • Química Básica Colombiana
  • Industrias Básicas de Caldas

The following is a partial list of other projects executed by CONPANCOL/PANAMINT:

Industrias Básicas de Caldas Sulfuric acid plant Colombia Turnkey
Hoechst Colombiana Aluminum hydroxychloride plant Colombia Detailed engineering, technical specifications for assembly; equipment manufacturing and assembly
Fosfatos del Huila Phosphate manufacturing complex Colombia Basic design, studies for a pilot plant, technical specifications, budget
Fosfatos de Colombia Rock phosphate acidification plant Colombia Basic and detailed engineering; budget
Ecopetrol Equipment for sulfur plant Colombia Manufacturing of Claus converter, exchanger, drums, and strippers (Foster-Wheler Technology)
Ecopetrol H2SO4 deaerator and separator Colombia Equipment manufacturing – Crane Technology – Cochrane
Ecopetrol Paraffin DAP plant expansion Colombia Detailed engineering
Hoechst Colombiana Penicillin plant Colombia Detailed engineering, technical specifications
Pequiven Drying tower for acid plant Morón, Venezuela Manufacturing and assembly
P.T. Inda Kiat Pulp & Paper Sulfuric acid plant Perawang, Indonesia Basic and detailed engineering, equipment, in-shop manufacturing, technical assistance for assembly
Químicos del Cauca Sulfonic acid plant Colombia Detailed engineering, construction and assembly; Ballestra Technology
Procesadora Industrial Rio Seco Magnesium sulfate and sulfuric acid plant Perú Basic and detailed engineering and industrial services, technical assistance and start-up
Sherritt Technologies Autoclave POX Colombia Technical services for an industrial costs study

CONPANCOL, as a PANAMINT partner, has provided the company with services, including detailed engineering, procurement management, equipment manufacturing in the CONPANCOL shop, construction and assembly management, plant start-up, and training for plant operators, for sulfuric acid projects executed by PANAMINT in various countries such as Costa Rica, Guatemala, Venezuela, Chile, Canada, and Indonesia.

During the execution and development of projects, CONPANCOL has acquired extensive experience in:

  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Consultancy and technical assistance
  • Local and international procurement management
  • Project management
  • Civil engineering for the construction and assembly of industrial plants
  • Preparation and mechanical completion acceptance
  • Pre-commissioning and start-up
  • Training of client personnel
  • Technical advising on the operation and maintenance of executed projects
  • Provision of local and imported equipment, price quotes, evaluation, technical selection and recommendations for equipment
  • Manufacturing and provision of equipment constructed in the CONPANCOL workshop

Standards, norms and procedures:

When required by a client for project execution, CONPANCOL can use its own standards, norms and procedures, those of its associate PANAMINT, or those requested by the client in accordance with its technical requirements.